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Jason Perri couldn’t have arrived on the country music scene at a better time. 

As a new generation takes the reigns, the country music charts begin to reflect popular culture and with that, a uniformity of sound is created. Now more than ever, people are craving a new flavor of country music. 

Enter Jason Perri. Perri pushes the boundaries of what we consider modern country music and takes his listeners on a journey through his kaleidoscopic sound, which blurs the lines of multiple genres. As Jason says, “I don’t sound like anything that’s in the Top 10 right now. Not even close. Because I’m not singing 22-year-old songs..I’m singing songs that have life; songs that have a story….that’s why I think they’re standing out.” 

Native of Rosemount, MN and trained in the esteemed Suzuki method (in which Jason learned how to read and play music solely by ear and instinct). Perri grew up between two worlds: one, his love for the tranquility experienced through classical music; the other, his love for the turbulent sound and spirit of Rock and Roll. 

Perri has taken some detours from his musical journey: to augment his music career, Jason sarted driving a truck to pay the bills. As Jason says, “I’m sure there’s someone that works harder than me, I just haven’t met them yet.” Fast forward___, Jason 

Becaue of his awesome tenacithe started a grass roots trucking company created a largely successful medical supply trucking company and raised a family. He’s returning to his musical calling now and Country Music is glad to see him back. 

Jason’s upcoming release, “Good Liar,” (produced by Perri himself) features a unique blend of smooth classical music with the energetic influences of Rock and Roll, intertwined with the lyrical sways of  Country, which has started grabbing the attention of Country Music tastemakers across the U.S. 

Jason Perri soaks his listeners in refreshing melodies and takes our minds away from the present and on to enchanting journeys through sound. His songs standout because they stir our emotions and leave us feeling refreshed and inspired. As Jason says: “Thank God that in Country Music, we still have messages in our songs…there’s room for hope-invoking music. I just want to make somebody feel better after listening to my song than they did before.” Mission accomplished. 

Perri’s first single “Good Liar” is out now and his upcoming EP is expected to premiere summer 2018. 

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